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  1. Thanks a lot man ! I slept yesterday with regrets and now im fine ! thanks a lot, this command promt technique worked !!!
  2. Your post contains file recovery programs which actually recovers something deleted, thats not my case, i already have the file but unable to view it because its currupted and gives me error stated in my post. I want to recover that and keep my currupted image.
  3. I am really looking for free software or a free way to recover my data ! I literally cannot afford these expensive software !
  4. Hello everyone ! I am really stressed out about this, recently i made a project which took me several hours and as i saved the project in PDN format, i realized i wanted a PNG of it as well, when i tried to save it again, i choose PNG as my format from the dropbox and then clicked on that PDN file and accidentally clicked on over writting it as i was tired after working for hours and then i tried to find my PNG, there was no any, only a PDN file which i tried to open came out to be currupted and gave this error. can you guys please help me ! I tried a recovery software and it worked perfectly file and my image was recovered but it had a HUGE watermark because that was a trial version, i dont earn money myself, i am a student, i really cannot afford high priced software and its not like i did not saved my project or recovering a deleted one, its the error of the software so please help me out !