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  1. I just found it out, and was about to post it here. The one dll file that is about 26K crashed, while the other one that is about 10K worked OK. Thank you for the quick response..
  2. I apologize if this topic is outdated.. I do get the crash when I try to use this plugin. I am using the modified plugin above. Am using the latest paint.net (4.1). I had to zip the dll file, and again unzip it so as to get rid of the "blocked" issue. Can someone update me please? Thanks Raj File: C:\Program Files\paint.net\Effects\BlendSeams.dll Effect Name: BlendSeams.Plugin Full error message: System.MethodAccessException: Attempt by method 'DinkPDN.Effects.Simple.ConfigurableDoubleAttribute.Create(System.Reflection.PropertyInfo)' to access method 'PaintDotNet.IndirectUI.ControlInfo.CreateConcreteControl(System.Object)' failed. at DinkPDN.Effects.Simple.ConfigurableDoubleAttribute.Create(PropertyInfo property) at DinkPDN.Effects.Simple.BaseConfigurableEffect.CreateConfigDialog() at PaintDotNet.Menus.EffectMenuBase.RunEffectImpl(Type effectType) in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Menus\EffectMenuBase.cs:line 1003
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