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  1. This app/plug-in is extremely infuriating to install or get started with. These are the things that wrong with your program: 1) No description on forum how to install it 2) No description in the downloadable guide how to install it (the zip file has the word install in it which I missed but the actual installer should be called "PluginBrowser Install.exe" so we know to actually click on it and not just put it into the effects folder.) 2) No description in this forum how to start it from inside 4) No description in the downloadable guide how to start it from Am I missing something? I tried all the pull-down menus. Searched the effects menus. Is there a new toolbar? Is it a new addition under the tools? The help? I am sure its a fantastic program but after 30 minutes wasting time trying to figure this out I give up. If you can't install and run it smoothly then whats the difference how good the software is?