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  1. I have a i5-3427U CPU @ 1.80 Ghz and an Intel HD 4000 internal graphics card. The selection indicator is the blinking line around a selected area in an image. E.g. it is drawn after the selection tool was used. The implementation of the selection indicator is pretty poorly implemented regarding performance. Just follow those steps to reproduce: Monitor your taskmanager while doing the following steps Get any image data into your clipboad, e.g. make a screenshot Do Ctrl-N, Ctrl-V many times in Paint.net You will see, the CPU usage increases
  2. Great! Then I'd wish to see short cuts in the hover texts of icons beneath the menu. Icons in the tools window show keyboard shortcuts in their hover texts, icons underneath the menu don't. Pretty inconsistent ;( Therefore I assumed a shortcut for crop is missing.
  3. Many functions have a keyboard shortcut. However, "crop" doesn't ;( Having a shortcut for crop would enable me to get my work much faster done.
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