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  1. Just checking in, I'm still seeing this issue regardless of the Fluid mouse input state. I'm hopeful the pointer changes fix this, I love PDN for my drawing because other than this it just works works and does what I need.
  2. I have a strange issue. See the attached images for a comparison. In order to produce these images, I tried to draw a spiral with both the mouse and the tablet. Oddly, in both cases, I found that the CURSOR ITSELF moved in a complete spiral. However, in every attempt except for the first, the first segment of the line did not appear on the canvas until the cursor was approximately 5mm away from the starting location. This is very confusing, because the program SHOULD be seeing the mouse and the tablet as completely identical. I know this issue is inside PDN or a library thereof, because other paint programs don't have this issue. My question is, is this a setting or otherwise intentional, or is this a bug that needs to be reported? This is 64 bit windows 10, the tablet is a Parblo Coast 10. PDN 4.0.21.
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