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  1. Thank you for the information! Some kind of export/save a copy feature definitely does sound like a good alternative. I've struggled before with synchronous code and it's especially annoying to handle a bunch of threads with little interaction. (That's one reason why I've switched to node.js for a lot of my web design and scripting because of Promises). I'm not sure how or if you've even decided on how this would work, but at least for my case I tend to keep my pdn and png files the same name so being able to quickly save a pdn file to a png through the use of a keybind would be an awesome improvement to my workflow. This is actually a really good tip and it'll definitely help out! I hadn't thought much of the paste to new image action when I saw it but now that you point this out it definitely does seem like it can be useful. Thank you for sharing this.
  2. It's particularly slow on my machine then. I measured ~5 seconds mostly due to the time it takes to save the file/unflatten/flatten. I am not on a low end PC either. Here are my specs: Windows 10 64 bit 3.25 GHz (Overclocked to 3.75 GHz) AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 4.0 GB of RAM (I know it's not that much haha) Two identical SPCC SSDs (I get good write/read speeds usually and saving a small image file wouldn't take that long). An NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (This card isn't that terrible. I am able to get FPS in the 80s and 90s in a lot of modern 3D games, for example Minecraft. I don't have performance problems with most software/games.) Paint.net version 4.2.6. Additionally you are saving to a non layered file if you are using Ctrl+S otherwise it would overwrite my layered pdn file. Here is what I do: Ctrl+S Ctrl+Shift+S Select png, press enter, press enter to override Press enter to accept save options Press enter to flatten Press ctrl+z to unflatten. For one thing, I shouldn't have to write a macro to save files. Secondly, I wouldn't be making a post if this wasn't effecting me my workflow. Trust me when I say that I sometimes spend more time waiting for PDN to save than actually working.
  3. Time and time again my progress is slowed down by the way png saving works in PDN. I often work in files with many layers. When I save my layered files to png (or other) files I always get the "flatten" popup as well as the save dialogue and then I must unflatten the image which massively mucks up my workflow. I don't know why this prompt exists still but it honestly annoys the hell out of me and it takes several seconds extra to save my images when it could be much quicker. This is especially bad when I am making small tweaks to my files in quick succession. I save my files a lot and a lot of the time I spend on image editing is taken up by the saving process. An example of what I do which causes this problem: Image design for a website. I save the image, and refresh the page to view the logo again. The reloading process only takes a second to do but to make tiny adjustments it can take up a huge amount of the time I spend. I propose a two possible solutions to this. 1. Allow for users to automatically flatten images instead of asking every time. This is quick and you can just press ctrl+z after saving to unflatten the image. 2. Flatten the image, save it, and unflatten it. This would be the fastest option and I'd prefer it over the first one because of this.