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  1. @Mallaboro I didn't know what you meant by Task Manager But I did the Task Manager Thing... I tried Running as it an administrator but still.... It didn't download I will try sending a Youtube video or a picture of what I mean soon I'll try to atleast get proof to show... But my guess of the error is expired I downloaded it on January on my old Windows 10 and It Worked fine Im wondering why today It doesnt work for me? Though It didn't work. @Pixey I actually was downloading it from the website I actually liked Because I could put Plugins like these dev's pyrochild and other people... I dont know what is going on I hope it gets this fixed soon I Hope you guys have a good time. ? ^_^ **edit the download kinda works but the liscence term agreement or download agreement slightly go's away ._.
  2. So I've been using since 2015 And I was a young artist and loved to use the program. But When I download it. (My dad gave me a new computer its a Windows 10, DELL) Umm I download it and if you know the screen of the accept the ToS/Liscence/EULA It doesnt appear It doesnt download. Please help me with the download give me some advice to fix it Because I really want to edit pictures ? Hope you Help me. Bye!