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  1. I love this plugin Been printing out A3 sheets of graph paper for D&D games. Cheers Martin. If I could make a suggestion it would be to add dimetric ( 1 : 2 ) lines, ( opposed to Isometric 1 : 1 ). Don't know if anyone but me would use it though. Anyhoo, thanks again.
  2. Turns orthogonal images into isometric spritesheets. As of this release (v1.0) it is limited only to size 128x, 64y tiles. Download: IsometricTiled.zip Source: Pastebin (IsometricTiled.cs) Generic on-use UI ✔️ Render Background, ❌Arrange Tiles by Orthogonal Position Having 'Arrange tiles by orthogonal position' unchecked makes tiles arrange in columns, having it checked however, it tries to keep some semblance of its original position. This makes reassembling the image much easier. ✔️ Render Background, ✔️ Arrange Tiles by Orthogonal Position I made this because I'm working on a project that uses isometric tiles, and this way I can paint trees normally, then slice them into tiles and import them into Tiled for making game maps. Issues There is an issue I've not been able to resolve. If the canvas is not large enough to fit all the tiles they will not be added to the canvas. Furthermore, while this isn't an issue it should be noted that if the background is not transparent, the plugin will recognise the background as a tile and copy it as one. Lastly... This is my first plugin for paint.net, and the first thing I've ever published. It was made just for me, so it's missing a few features that I can live without, like the option to change tile dimensions and the background colour. I'll add the option to change tile dimensions sometime later but for now I really want to get back to working on my project. CodeLab Source
  3. That is really quite phenomenal. So many applications ?
  4. Hello there, quick question. how can I change the canvas size in a script?
  5. Nearly finished my plugin. ? As a long-time user of paint.net I must say I'm quite proud.
  6. Thought I'd share my WiP. It turns images into an array of isometric tiles that fit into a mesh. Sooo, it's not great. But... it's a start, I guess. becomes becomes
  7. Thanks, I'll take a look into that. I've just found Ego's forum post which shows all plugins and it looks like you're right.
  8. I've never had to troubleshoot paint(dot)net before but the installation could be stalling. If you try alt+ctrl+delete -> task manager -> details, then look for anything resembling the paint(dot)net installer and end its task, then try and install again, that could work. You could also try installing it as administrator. Hope it helps.
  9. Hello, I'm new to this forum so if this isn't the appropriate topic for this post I apologise. From what I can tell there's a large number of plugins made by users, and I'm looking for one that converts orthogonal images into an array of isometric tiles. To help demonstrate what I mean I made this image If no such plugin has been made I might consider making one myself.
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