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  1. Yeah, I thought that. But I also thought that the plugin might work as a hook, i.e. whenever a file is opened in, it checks if there is a plugin hooked in, which in turn checks if it should handle the opening. In case of the webp plugin I figured that it only looks for the file extension (PNG) and decides hold still and process back to, which fails opening the file because it is a secret WEBP file. If that is true, could the plugin not check the file content to see if it is a WEBP file in disguise and open it regardless of the extension, or otherwise pass control back to Or will it not be called for PNG files at all? But I guess you would know that better than me
  2. Hi, thanks for this useful plugin. However, there is a problem that some webp files come with the wrong file extension, e.g. I have a file sample.png which is actually a webp file with a png extension. When I try to open such a file with having the webp plugin installed, it apparently tries to open it as a png file and fails. If I rename the file to sample.webp, I can open it. Chrome, IrfanView Firefox and Windows Photo Viewer (with webp plugins installed) can handle the file with the wrong extension perfectly, they seem to look at the content rather than the extension. Could the same be achieved for as well? That would make this plugin just perfect!