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  1. Thanks guys! I found out that I didn’t needed it for my image but it will sure be handy for future projects.
  2. Hey guys, I am making a new image and I really want to bend an image text so it goes into a circle shape, but I tried it with the vanilla bend plugin but it didn't really workout how I wanted it. So I hope someon knows a good plugin or maybe I should change my settings. But I just hope someon can help me. -Rembrandt
  3. Yes, I’m referring to the OK button in the 8bf filter dialog.
  4. I don't know what you've changed but it still doesn't work at me.
  5. Well, I use Flaming Pears’ free pack and I do not press repeat filter. I just choose the filter I want to use and press OK
  6. https://gyazo.com/8a025c7f97de50e4410cb18647cff313 I couldn't really make a good screen of it because it disappears pretty quick, but I hope you can solve the problem. @toe_head2001
  7. I have downloaded the 8bf filter plugin from @null54. The plugin should let Adobe Photoshop filters work in PDN. So I downloaded it and also a couple of PS filters. But I did al the steps and when I go to the effects tab and click on 8bf filter the filters I downloaded show up. But when I want to run the filters, there is a loading screen but litteraly nothing happens to the picture I selected. So could someone help me please, I know this forum is kind of dead but I really want to use these PS filters.
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