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  1. I don't remember doing any updates, I normally save my work as opaque, or Explicit if they have transparent layers. All of a sudden something changed when I use "Save as", I used to have only about 4 -5 choices, and I only used the top (2) in the drop-down window, opaque or Explicit. But now those two choices are gone (not present), and I have (17) choices. They are BC1 - BC7, linear or non-linear. I'm editing graphics that are of dds file format. I bring graphics in as png files, and save as dds. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AxfqWLoLHlztIFaQTDAMI_m27PvxXui2 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bcNGsXwyjZDZpQjAMsJ2D9XmKikIFKlF
  2. It started out with (3) lines that were white, I changed them to the light blue. And the background is deceiving me as it shows its transparent, but is showing up in-game as black.
  3. I'm working on game texture files, most editing. When I open a transparent DDS file (usually a logo), and change the color or the the text, replace the text, or just change the color of the single texture in the file, I save it. Problem is Paint.net is not saving as the original file parameters, the before transparent area will show up as white or black background, when there should be "nothing" there in that area. Pay no attention to the file being saved, attached picture is showing the "only" save options I have. Saving as opaque/1-bit Alpha is not working. I believe they need to be saved as When alpha transparent mode, when opaque is probably the opposite of what I want. Does the 2nd or 3rd alpha option save as transparent, or does Paint.net not support what I want to do?