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  1. And now I see: It's not only darker but the raw file seems to contain more picture information in it -> the sky in the Image Viewer is white, in pdn it is blue as it was. Which is the "right" one that I should use? (if I may ask this question) cheers
  2. Hey there, This is the second time for me to try to open raw (cr2 from a canon 5d III) files. It has again cost me a lot of time trying and reading. Incredible what I don't know about digital photography! I managed to open the raw files with this above posted plugin (thanks!). But the photos in pdn are much darker than the ones shown on the canon software or in FastStone Image viewer or the jpegs. I did not change anythinf in the camera. Have you an idea how I could solve that? Is there a way to load the camera's colour profile to pdn? 9 x 13 cm. (4).pdf Thanks a lot! PS: It thake looong time to open the photos in pdn.