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  1. The render option "color wheel" doesn't seem to be built into paint.net
  2. Results using pyrochild's Gradient Mapping Plugin
  3. That looks far from the ideal solution... I can't understand your directions, and the image provided has no gradient between colors This is a great solution here! It took a while to figure out the plugin (7 minutes) but after that it made perfect sense!
  4. I figured out something close after a sudden realization, will post steps later today. still looking for perfect answer though 😕
  5. I'm essentially trying to get something like that but instead of having two colors (white at let's say 0 degrees and black at 180 degrees), I want three colors, Red at 0 degrees, Green at 120 degrees, and Blue at 240 Degrees.
  6. The problem I'm having is that I need to know how to make a stupidly high resolution conical gradient with the colors #FF0000 # 00FF00 #0000FF
  7. Before that, you had typed "The rule is:" which makes one assume that what you typed out afterward is not your statement but instead a forum rule.
  8. well, I can't read your mind and assume you meant the exact opposite of what you said.
  9. About the first issue, I can't post 7 screenshots with a 256 kb overall limit. I will try to make imgur work though. About the second issue, I could not find a tutorial on separating RGB channels without plugins.
  10. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it The first thing you need to know is that this only works for opaque images. Step one: Open the image. (In this example I will use my avatar (yes I know I need to redo the avatar it's not shaded properly)) Step two: create two more layers of the same image. Step three: create a layer above each existing layer and color them Red, Green, and Blue. Step four: set each solid color image's blending mode to multiply in layer settings. S
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