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  1. I appreciate the effort you and others have put into it and I didn't mean my comments to be acidic, I apologize if they came out wrong. But it does lack one of the main features of plugin browsers when compared to other software. Please treat my previous post as a humble request for a feature.
  2. I see. I guess my expectations were mismatched based on experience with plugin browsers in any other software. It's a shame that this one has such a limited functionality. Would be great to be able to install plugins directly from the browser.
  3. Downloading plugin index still doesn't work. Fresh install of latest paint.net, no other plugins. It prompted for download, I clicked yes and nothing happened. No errors, no new plugins in the list aside from built in ones. Where is the plugin data saved? How can I trigger re download? I suspect the reason could be because I have Paint.NET installed in program files, which needs admin access for write. If plugin is trying to save index in the effects folder it won't work unless Paint.NET is started with admin rights. Edit: also are older versions available somewhere? Is s
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