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  1. Thank you for your replies. I tested BoltBait's transparency plugin earlier this week but it did not change anything. TR's Color Reducer and Selective Palette are exactly what I needed, espacially Selective Palette. Just tested it on the yellow/brown image and it works perfectly. However TRCR annoyingly change the 3 main colors and in ~15 minutes of test I have not been able to acheive the desired result like you did AndrewDavid. But it's usefull to easily reduce image weight which is also a problem in my project so I keep it. Thank you guys you saved me a lot of time !
  2. Hello everyone, this is my first topic on this forum. First of all, I used the search form and did not find any solution to my problem. If I missed it, well I'm sorry... probably used wrong key words. I would like to know if there is a simple and easy way to remove all transparent pixels and make them opaque in an intelligent way. Here are some pictures so you could easily understand what I mean : On this image (resized by 1000% for better view, real size was 150px). You can clearly see (if not click on imgur direct link) that borders between each color is blurred with what I call transparent pixels. I want to remove/color them all. The result would be something like this : On this image there is only three colors, and that's exactly what I need. I actually did this manually but it's very laborious. I used alternatively magic stick with adjusted % trolerance and fill tool... it takes 10 steps, more or less. Yellowest transparent pixels became strong yellow, brownest transparent pixels became strong brown etc. What I'm looking for is a plugin/tool/solution to go from first image to second image in one click... or at least an easiest way that the manual one i currently use. I said intelligent way because the hypothetic plugin or tool needs to color transparent pixels smartly with one of the two neighboring colors of each border, like I did. In fact this image is a small part of a huge 10k pixels world map where each color is a country and blue is water. If I start doing this manually it will take 1 month, if not more... because there are also extra steps precisely caused by these transparent pixels (I currently isolate each country, make copy/paste of each border etc...). If this simple solution exists, I could convert the entire map in 1 minute ! So better ask now before starting pointless work. Thank you all for reading or answering. Have a nice day.