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  1. Thanks everyone, and thanks Ego Eram Reputo - I was able to fix the problem, and then find the million weird replications of broken files of Paint.net and remove them all and do an entirely fresh installation of everything and we're up and running!
  2. Now I can't access anything - this program has a fatal error and windows can't resolve it - can't uninstall it, can't open it, can't see files.
  3. OK, McAffe is gone. Uninstalled and re-installed paint, no difference. No plugins showing up.... help please...thanks!!
  4. Boltbait, I appreciate your advice, but I don't want to go naked. I'm not attached to McAfee (and I hate Norton) - but I don't have an alternative yet. I'm just on a freebee for a few more days with this cheeseburger.....just go with the Windows Defender?
  5. The .dll's are all still there. Only Shapes had a self contained folder. I've tried moving them into both effects and file types, and Shapes started in the general directory as it's own file before I moved it. Not able to see any of these when the program is open.
  6. Classic version, which I should add that some plugins initially worked but slowly disappeared. I had outline object and text tools that were there and disappeared, then outline went and the rest of the adds I'd made were gone. I had been using them and didn't change anything .... I have McAffe.
  7. Recently bought a new computer. Installed Paint.net in Windows 10 (have used it for many years), installed a few plug ins. Worked fine. Then magically today the installed plug ins are gone. Re-installed plug ins as the directions. They are in the effects file After installing I closed down and restarted the computer Plug ins do not show up when I start paint. There is trouble shooting asking to unlock files if they don't show up. I tried following the directions but my computer does not show me a way to unlock - instructions say to find Unlock under general in each file - I do not have "general" - I do not have unlock. I find it unusual that I had no trouble until today, and suddenly it all stopped working. Now I only have the very basic use of Paint no .dlls will operate as it is, shape is in it's own file in the Paint.net file directory and it does not work either. I'd love to use it again. I am on a Dell Inspiron, windows 10 thanks!