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  1. Hi! It's my first post and please excuse me if I mix up the terminology. I'll try to explain what I am trying to achieve. I think this is a fairly common thing to do, but I am not sure I know the name of what it is I am asking for :-) I have a texture. On top of it I add another layer, just a white outline of a shape with a transparent background (image 1). If I now set the blending mode for the top layer to Overlay, the outline, which used to be white, is now blended with the texture below it (image 2). Now, how can I remove the remaining texture? I'd like to get rid of everything that is not part of the outline. I want the shape to look as it does in the 2nd image, and make everything else transparent. I''ve tried the AlphaMask plugin, but it does not appear to do that. Is there anything else I could try?