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  1. Thank you for your welcome. It's been a very long time that I use Paint.NET, I absolutely do not master the graphics, yet the little that I do, Paint.NET is the ideal tool. To return to the image for which I want to change the color of the fairing in white. If too complicated for me. I found someone on a forum who did it for me. Anyway, thank you very much and thank you to the developers of Paint.NET and those who improve this great software with plugins as extraordinary.
  2. Thank you I will try, I keep you informed.
  3. Hello and thank you for your help. So I tried but difficult to make very clean contours because I have a poor quality mouse. Too bad there are no easier solutions to use, I am a novice and I am not good at it. ?
  4. Hello, I come to you because I can not change this image of motorcycle in white. I try to make a gif with the existing colors of this bike VFR 1200 F, blue, gray and black without problem but the white carpentry, I can not. Do you know a plugin that could help me do it. Thank you very much. (I use Google translation, I'm french)