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  1. toe_head2001 - Much thanks, I was able to work through the installation and get it to work. YEA!!!!
  2. OK dumb user here. I cannot determine how in the heck to make the background transparent. I have an image that is only black and white. I want to make all the white transparent, the white is my background in the image. I found numerous post in the forum regarding making some colors transparent but the details in the forum are not detail enough for me. Please provide the dummies version of the instructions.
  3. OK I think I was doing something stupid but I'm not sure what I did. I've managed to make the background transparent just by repeating what I think I've been doing all along. Here is the latest file and it has the transparent BG.
  4. Great suggestion. I've uploaded two files test01.png (the first file below) is the original file test01-trans.png is the file I've modified and should have a transparent BG. I'm surprised that it displays in the webpage. When I attempt to insert it in another file (PDF for example) or open it with IframView all I see is a black square.
  5. AH yes I did see that window. Originally I had selected "Auto-detect", I now selected 32-bit but still, I get a black image when I use it or view it with IfranView. In the "Save Configuration" window where I can select the "Bit Depth" the background in the preview looks like it is transparent (it looks like a checkerboard). I've got to run and will not be available for several hours. Much thanks for the feedback.
  6. OK where do I choose "auto" or "32-bit"? When I saved I clicked File > Save As > used the same folder as the original but changed the name so I could keep the original file. Sorry to be so dense.
  7. I just found tanel_pluginpack_20120305.zip and installed it. I opened my image and selected it I then clicked Effects > Color > Color to Alpha The "Color to Alpha" window opens, now I can see my image and the white background is now transparent I saved the image as a PNG file I then attempted to use the image by inserting it in a PDF file but the entire image that is inserted is black. What the heck did I do wrong?
  8. I cannot find the how-to for making the background transparent and saving it so I can use it in other applications. I have a few B&W images, e.g. the black image is on a white background. I want the white to be transparent.