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  1. Thank you for your help. But sadly,that this page is disappointing me. And.Why pant.net has not a crop tool? You have to use the rectangle tool and then,crop it. A direct crop would be better.
  2. Hello,I get two questions about two features,which annoys me a lot. 1.I dont want have the image preview of a picture,which I save on my computer. How I can stop this feature,if I see nothing in the preferences. 2.Why a picture is saved always as Vegeta.pdn, I have enough of it,that paint.net or the computer doesnt remember, that it has to save the file as JPG!! Always pdn,and then I have scroll and click,that it is jpg. It annoys me a lot,i have to work with a lot of pictures. 3.Why the Gradients are so less and ugly. Its not compared
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