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  1. Hi! I suspect that there is a common translation mistake in a bunch of languages. I'm talking about "signed" and "unsigned" specification of DDS compression formats. For now it's translated as "Is this format signed or not by some person with his pen or pencil?". But I assume it should be translated as "Does this format have minus sign in front of numbers or not?". It's like signed and unsigned integers in programming languages. Here is the list of translations where I noticed this mistake: Czech Polish Slovak Russian Ukrainian Am I right about the correctness of the translation?
  2. I have updated the plugin. Improved color quantization algorithm (automatic palette).
  3. Updated plugin. Improved color distance calculation, added new option "Automatic palette" to "Target palette", added slider to specify the size of the automatic palette.
  4. Updated plugin. Replaced the old rainbow palette with a new hue palette to make colors more acid.
  5. @Eli, I added "Black and white 2-color palette" to the plugin, because it is used on your sample image. Also, before applying dithering, I changed image contrast to 70. I achieved almost the same result as on Github, but it is slightly different. I think that github author made some preprocessing and other actions in his algorithms.
  6. @Eli, my plugin implements eleven dithering algorithm. "Sierra Lite" and two other Sierra algorithms are already included. See the list of available algorithms below:
  7. @Joshua Lamusga, I can't parallelize dithering algorithm, because processing of following pixels depends on processing of previous pixels. But after your message, I realized that I could make neighbouring pixels be processed in parallel. I tried to use Parallel class with Partitioner class (to make processing more chunky). It works, but much longer than without parallelism. And I don't know why (I have experience using Parallel class, so it can't be my misunderstanding of its work).
  8. @toe_head2001, moved plugin to Stylize menu, as you recommended. As for your question, I thought that this plugin could be useful and interesting for someone.
  9. Description: This plugin allows you to reduce the number of colors in an image with the help of eleven error diffusion dithering algorithms. You are able to choose one of the four software palettes or to use automatically generated palette with specified size. You can also enable "Serpentine scanning" to alternate scanning direction between lines. Unfortunately, these algorithms do not work quickly due to single-threadedness. The advantage of this plugin is that it correctly works with any selection. Plugin: Effects > Stylize > Error diffusion dithering Examples: Github: Download: ErrorDiffusionDithering.dll
  10. @lynxster4 I've just uploaded a new version of plugin. Now it belongs to Effects→Color menu.
  11. Description: This effect converts each pixel brightness to hue spectrum color. Plugin has one slider to set spectrum offset. Plugin: Effects > Color > Trippy rainbow Examples: Github: Download: TrippyRainbow.dll