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  1. It just reached 1 year old a month ago. I highly doubt the battery is going bad so soon. And that is why I'm curious whether leaving Paint.NET running could be a culprit of the drain.
  2. I've checked before I close it. Nothing was running at the moment. I'll check again the next time I do so and let you know.
  3. Earlier this month I hurt my back mopping the floor. I'm 22. Another thing, I'm on my last week of my internship period, they are not really giving me any new tasks so all I do is sit and do nothing! Boredom!
  4. Once, I left Paint.NET running on my laptop and just left it to sleep, the battery was quite drained by the time I returned. Is this supposed to happen? The drainage was from 80% to less than 20% battery life. Note that I did not have any other applications running at the time.
  5. I'm at my internship at the moment. Quite bored, completed tasks and awaiting the next. Might as well plan ahead on what to do with the pay. Considering a trip with friends to exotic Japan. Going around, seeing the sights. No tour guides just go wherever we want. What about the rest? If you had the money, where would you go if you had the money and the time?
  6. Ah, I seem to have discovered an issue. I've tried to login with my e-mail but it fails, but when I switch to logging in with my Display Name, it works. Apologies for this. This topic can probably be closed now.
  7. Greetings! I seem to have an issue logging into the forums. I know this is my password but it keeps saying it's wrong. I've already been locked out twice and also reset the password twice. Please advice?
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