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  1. Sorry for posting. (Space Competition) I was meaning to post on competitions, and I really am sorry if I caused inconvenience or annoyance. To stop myself posting stuff like this I won't post a forum again. So sorry. ?

    1. BoltBait


      You did post in competitions.  However, it is not your place to be starting competitions.


      You're brand new. You might want to lurk around a bit to see how things work before jumping in and looking like a fool.

    2. BoltBait
    3. TheTardisCraft
  2. To enter all you need to do is to reply with your picture. It must be 100% paint.net and be of something from space, such as: - A spaceship - A Sun - A moon - A planet! Good Luck!
  3. My (pretty awesome) result: Nice, isn't it? I even used it as my profile photo. Thank you so much!
  4. TheTardisCraft


    I tweaked your instructions slightly, but my result was great! I also used this tutorial: Water Tutorial
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