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  1. Ehem, sorry about that turns out all I needed to do was physically create an 'Effects' folder in the location that it was looking for as I had moved paint.net files to my removable drive and the program was unable to find the correct folder to place all of the files into.
  2. I've been using Paint.net for two years but this is the first time I have run into any issues Plugin-wise. Not sure if it is the new laptop or what, but I cannot seem to find the issue with the plugins. No Plugin packs seem to work and I am getting odd error messages from your installer. I have reinstalled paint.net twice and bought the one off of the Windows Store (It was on sale for $2.99 so why not) and nothing. It still shows the same error messages. I have attached said prompts and the .dll errors pop up for every item I attempt to download. Any help would be greatly appreciated as to what may be causing these errors.
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