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  1. Hi! First of all - congratulations on all the excellent work with an excellent result! One small thing I miss much though is that when I have opened an image for editing I cannot find file location information anywhere. It would be nice to show it as a tool tip on the top list of opened documents. Also context menu there with an item "Open file location" would be excellent! This is especially true when working with many images in a different folders and you open an image from "File->Open recent". Same suggestion applies for the list of "recent" images. Please, excuse me if this feature already exists. But I could not find it. Best regards, Pavel
  2. Hi Rick, Thanks for your reply. I do not want you to die by any mean so let's forget about the index (I see your point in using hash on DLLs and I do agree. IMHO file size + file times would give you pretty reliable and fast hash value in this case. The index will contain everything that extracts from the DLL in the fastest to load form. But as we said - no dying.) Some facilitated way of plugin management seems to be a good idea though. In my case I was thinking of the possibility to have right click on an effect menu item, display a popup context menu with an option "remove from", maybe along with other useful and related tasks. This will remove temporarily the item and permanently (remove the dlls) on the next startup. Just a simple to implement idea IMHO. Again, thanks for your great work! Regards.
  3. Hi Rick, A bit old discussion, but here are my 5 cents. First of all I greatly appreciate all the efforts you do to develop and improve! Good job an well done! Keep the good work! Here is my case. I have been trying different plug-ins looking for useful ones. I have installed different packages (bunches). I liked some tools from some packages, but ended up with around 900 dlls (I know, I know) in the Effects folder. I have a SSD but still the startup time is couple of minutes (!). It is difficult to delete the right 800 redundant dlls. The question here is which one to delete. Which may be a common paradigm with installing a plug-in package. Therefore a plug in manager is a good idea in general. As a long time c++/.net developer I would dare to propose having a dedicated app for plug-in management, possibly with the UI similar to what other people suggested or to what is commonly recognizable. I imagine this app will not start if is running. The idea of plug-in representation cache is not bad IMHO. The cache can be easily checked and synchronized on startup against dll's in Effects (and other trusted) folder using CRC, hash, file write time+size or whatever "match" criteria is best. There is no problem for the cache file(s) to be in user's data folder as it will not refer to absolute paths (which can be checked). If anyone has an idea how to leave only the right dlls among all without losing a day - please do not hesitate to share it. Regards