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  1. HD Vinyl Graphics Design

    Thanks for the help...much appreciated. There's been enough of the image modified, removed and added to where copyrighting is a non factor. Been down that road before... good looking out, though. Thanks, 'toe'... yes, played around in the prog and figured out how to manage all of that in 'Resize Image'.
  2. Hello- Trying to design some vinyl graphics to print high definition. Can this be done with Paint.net? I've been told they need to be printed at 300DPI... The design below file size is 3.26MB in .pdn. Any guidance with small vinyl graphics design would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Timbo
  3. Star Glow (ymd: 100710)

    OK, thank you, MadJik... will do.
  4. OK, thank you... rather busy right now on a project, but will go back and take some screen shots and expand on topic.
  5. Star Glow (ymd: 100710)

    Of further note, can't seem to get the Lens Flare to work, either... Thanks!
  6. Star Glow (ymd: 100710)

    No matter the settings in the effect- (first pic is work layer) NOTE- using latest Paint.net version (4.0.21)
  7. Star Glow (ymd: 100710)

    Something wrong with this plugin?...doesn't work for me, I guess.
  8. Thanks for all the input... much appreciated!... we've resolved the issue. I don't know if I have to start a new thread, or not, but we have another question- Same project- We have the cat's head background ellipsed correctly and fine tuned.... created a new layer, made another ellipse with a degree of transparency using 'draw filled shape with outline' from shapes menu>ellipse... now my question is how do I make the layer with with ellipse larger, maintaining aspect ratio, without the background layer changing, too?... in other words, I want the two layers to have the same aspect ratio but different sized ellipses... can I expand just the one layer to suit?... Muchas Gracias! Timbo
  9. Thanks...we'll play with it.
  10. Yeah, clearly the guy that did that 'JRX Hydros' graphic's a very skilled dude... he works for some big corporation and knows his way around the Adobe Creative Suites very well. Yes, I had tried as you suggested before we even started this thread. Thank's for participating!
  11. Yeah, thanks... if you look at the first attachments we included, 2nd elliptical image with checkered transparent background, I want to make that a layer other than 'background'...then I can bring the true background in and manipulate the layer with cat's head to suit... it seems that there would be a plugin tool to do such, making it very easy. I've no issue doing that with multiple layers, as illustrated above in '45' image, flattening them to one image and saving as PNG. I haven't had any printed to vinyl yet, but hope they come out good with the PNG file extension at 300 dpi... this one below the guy did with Illustrator and he claims he had 4 hrs. into...printed to vinyl with stunning clarity at 300 dpi and latex inks.
  12. My ultimate objective is to have an elliptical background of that cheetah's head with a black outline (border) around it with a given weight (thkns) to that border. I've been messing with this for 2 hrs., Googling every query before coming here, because I know we rookies are a bore to you experts. I've just run into issues with this ellipse deal. I've made some graphics already here- seems to be a use and learn prog... most of the guys I know use Illustrator and Photoshop for these vinyl graphics, and charge an arm n' a leg... these are just r/c boats I'm dealing with... below's an example. Thanks!
  13. Yes, I have his pack installed, along with the Russian guys, and one other one, too. Thanks!
  14. AHH!... that's a clue, right there!... so, I'll try to manipulate with Rectangle Select?... Thanks!
  15. There doesn't seem to be any way for me to grab the elliptical image with the wand or anything to put an outline around the image...