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  1. Ah thank you! It worked specifically for that example but when I try it on other similar images (but with different colors) it doesnt work as well. Any other ways of doing it? EDIT:I increased the saturation clider to the right and looks a bit like my desired result.
  2. Not sure how to explain this but I guess the picture explains it. What plugin do I need to do that. edit: sorry for the small size. Its a resource I am using for a program.
  3. Thanks for all your responses. I am doing this as a favour for my friend making the app. I know how to make a gradient, however it never really looked good with the app. However, after using a couple of effect plugins(mainly crystallize), I have made a good looking background thanks
  4. So I am currently trying to design a background for the dashboard panel for an app. Attached is what I mean ( The black Box) Problem is that...well in short...I cant make a very good background for it. I don’t want to sound like an A-Hole right now but I need someone’s help to make this. I am trying to make the background similar to the backgrounds of the 2 menus attached. Reason I am asking on here because I am not willing to pay money for it but I will definitely give credit. I can provide more details but I first want to check if I am allowed to ask on here. thanks a bunch! ?