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  1. Ok, got to work, had my coffee and that got my mind going.............., called the wife and told her to just for yucks run a Windows Up Date since it was a new install, the update ran, it loaded new updates, PC rebooted and she tried to do the download again..."BAM" it worked !!!!!!!! It's there, it opened, desktop shortcut.....it's all good now she said. Obviously (Operator Error, won't find that in a log file.....lol) had something to do with the lack of Updates or uncomplete install, thank you all for your help and interest in resolving my problem, it seems stupidity on my was
  2. Thank you.............I'll look through the LOG files later tonight, but I'm thinking that if there was no "ERROR" flash screen, there won't be an error log ??????
  3. Now since you mention it, I don't remember seeing that screen come up, but then again I'm so frustrated at this that I'm not trusting my memory. I'll run through it again today when I get home from work and post back up on results. Thank you all for your help, please check back later today on this thread.
  4. Yes, you would think it has to be somewhere if no errors were tripped. I was thinking of maybe copying the entire PAINTDOTNET folder from one of my other computers and pasting it in to my problem PC to see what that would do...............your thoughts ???????????????
  5. "NO ITEMS TO MATCH YOUR SEARCH" ...............is the reply after searching
  6. Give me a few minutes and I'll search again for PAINTDOTNET.EXE......................
  7. That's correct, neither Program Files or Program Files x86 doesn't list it.
  8. Thank you for your reply: I should also note that I was running PAINT.NET on this very same PC with Windows 10 before the reinstall of the OS. System says Net Framework v4.7.1 won't load because it's already there. The funny thing about this is I run PAINT.NET on 4 home computers all WINDOWS 10 OS, never a problem until now. The download goes smooth, the extraction is smooth, I get "NO" errors at all during the install process. It's just that it's not to be found anywhere after the install is complete...................a search on the drive for PAINT*.* only shows the Windows
  9. Just had to do a reinstall of my OS and I downloaded the latest version to my download folder, clicked on the "ZIP" file and it started the install......."BUT" the files are nowhere to be found, not in any of the program folders either, no icon on the desktop, doesn't show in a search, what might be going on ???? Windows 10, Dell 790, I5, 8GB RAM. I'm running it on 3 other PC's with no problems at all. Thanks
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