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  1. Yes, yes, sorry sorry :'( Updated. WOW! TR's Alpha Cutter is exactly what I am looking for! Thank you buddy!
  2. It's a little improvement over the Magic Wand, either I am not using it right. Hold on, is 3.5.11 still the plugin's latest update? I am using 4.0.12. I'm trying to trace a tank (painted with Olive Drab) that is surrounded by foliage and military equipment, so you understand.
  3. Issue still stands, I applied colour clearer, done same process over again like Ctrl+LMB, sliding tolerance bar. Thank you for solution, perhaps I can use it for other projects.
  4. I'd select an area that has different colours and it will take up a bit of the colour that is different from the colour I wanted to delete. I tried the tolerance slider but sometimes it doesn't balance out. I'd lower the tolerance slider and Ctrl+LMB areas but sometimes the selection areas will invade the colour I do not wish them to. Is there any competent plugins that does better job? EDIT: Sometimes I'd have to resort to using eraser to trace around and get rid of unnecessary areas.