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  1. How do you get Paint.net to open PSD files via windows explorer? I have installed the plugin and paint.net opens PSD files if I search via the program itself. However, if I'm in windows explorer and I see the file and right click on open with then Paint.net is not shown as an option
  2. I have located the folder paint.net App Files Created a new folder within it called PDF and then saved the ImPDF.Open.FileType .dlc & .dll files into it Are there any other steps to get paint.net to open a PDF it still does not see any PDF files when i search for them. I am following this guide: Is there perhaps a newer one made to suit the windows store version.
  3. Hi, I am trying to add the PDF plugins to Paint.net, following the guide It instructs me to Copy the ImPDF.Open.FileType (.dlc and .dll) files and paste them in File Types folder under the Paint.NET folder. However I cant find the Paint.net folder, I have gone to the C drive, program files and paint.net does not show up. This is a windows 10 computer and I bought paint.net from the windows store. Is the Paint.net folder stored elsewhere? Search doesn't seem to show anything else. Hidden files and folders are turned on to no avail.