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  1. Tried this first but I still couldnt find what I was looking for. This is a good idea, I will try this and thanks for the suggestion Had a read through. seems like theres no easy way around this within pdn. I dont think it's impossible though. Are there other programs out there that can produce this 'effect'? If there are, maybe take some pointes on how those other programs do it??? There must be a way around this that can be put into plugin form?
  2. Hi guys Not sure if this has been covered by anyone else. There are over 700 pages to scroll through on topics for discussion and frankly I cant be arsed looking through all that lol. Basically, I want to add an outline to text where the "pointy" parts of the text aren't rounded around the pointed areas. See this "W" for example. The two points and the bottom and the middle point of the W. The outline plugin will create an outline that would be rounded on those points, rather than follow the pointed areas into a point?? I want to have an outline to follow the points other than the rounded outline i'm getting. I'm being such a newbie here, but can anyone help me out with this one???
  3. Thanks for this, MJW. I knew the answer was within somewhere, just didnt think of using Paste Warp +
  4. Hello everyone. I've been using on and off for years and have learned how to do so many things through the tutorials etc. But for the life of me I cannot recreate the shape of the word "REDS" in the pic I've used as an example. I've tried shapes, perspective plugin, which comes close. And i've tried Grid warp also, which again comes fairly close but it doesnt quite nail it. Ayone got any Ideas or point me in the right direction?? Thanks ;-)