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  1. I know it. Myabe this is going to be OT but I'm curious... Can you tell me more about those good reasons? Thanks.
  2. Thanks a lot! The PasteAlpha plugin is an excellent alternative to "alpha to selection" function and it saved my day (thanks again to BoltBait!) but having a nice selection to work with is slighty better, IMHO... Just think to all operations you can do on selections...
  3. Thanks a lot but the magic wand is not the right tool: it doesn't create an anti-aliased selection, despite of its options. As an expert Photoshop user, I really miss this (and some other) "crucial" functions. After using it for a while, i think that Paint.Net is a really nice application but it lacks some basic, very important, functionalities.
  4. Hi all! I'm new to Paint.Net and to this forum. After using Paint.Net for a while, I found that a crucial (IMHO) feature is missing: the ability to create a selection from the transparency of a layer. So I would like to write a plug-in do add this ability. But first I need to know: - Is it possible to create a plug-in different from an "effect" and an "adjustment"? - Is it possible to create a selection using a plug-in? Thanks to you all! Seb
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