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    I love baseball, cats, animals, Double Chocolatey Chip Frapachino's from Starbucks, Bon Jovi & I am TOTALLY addicted/devoted to Supernatural!

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  1. spnkitty

    The Introduction Thread.

    Hey there gang! I'm Missy, I'm from Colorado and I've been a member here probably for a year or more, I don't remember when I signed up year wise but it's great to be here!
  2. spnkitty

    Ed Harvey Effects for paint.net 4.0 alpha

    I get 404 errors when I try to download either one of those files.
  3. spnkitty

    Resizing bug

    I'm trying to resize an image after cropping it into the avatar (see attached) but only small patch of the image shows. This never happened before I updated my paint.net.