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  1. The manual says to click on one of the eight nodes. The nodes would never appear. I had to delete it and re-post it in order to make the nodes appear. Thanks for your help. Stacey
  2. Thanks for your answer. Another user just said "read the tutorial." Obviously the tutorial did not help me or I would not be asking. Appreciate it! Stacey P.S. I could not get those nodes to appear. I had to delete the star and re-post it in order to get the nodes to appear.
  3. Hello, I was able to insert a star from the available shapes, but whenever I click on it, it only moves, it won't enlarge. I want to enlarge Thanks
  4. When I click on it, all i can do is move it. I want to make it bigger. S
  5. OK, I got the star to be white; how do I make it bigger? Stacey
  6. Hi, I see that I can add a star shape; how do I make it a WHITE star instead of a BLACK star for example?
  7. Thanks, I was clicking on everything in the world and that little thing kept going around.....
  8. Thanks, but that would disable it forever....I just want to make it stop doing how do I click on something else, and tell it I'm working on something else now? Un-select that part?
  9. Hi, total noob here. I cut and pasted some pixels onto an image, and now I'm working on that section, but that dotted line keeps moving around it. How do I stop that? Thx Stacey