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  1. Registry keys and / or config files both versions use that the installer may overwrite to default, the same that the uninstaller may clean up, stuff like that. I work in IT, I've learned to expect things like that. Not interested in getting a VM environment set up and a new VM spun up just to get some dll's. That seems a bit excessive. And besides, attention is going to be brought to this one way or another as more extension installers are found that don't recognize the store version. Excellent, thank you!
  2. Creating the folders under "Program Files" (both x86 and x64, separately and together) causes the installer to immediately crash when run. I do not want to have to install the non-Windows Store version of paint.net as I do not want to potentially cause conflicts from the install and eventual uninstall process. I've dug through the .exe and .dll in the zip folder that's downloaded, but can't find the effect .dll's in the a usable format.
  3. The installer for this pack is not compatible with the Windows Store version. Does anyone have the DLLs separately? Need to know what plugin folders (Effects, FileTypes, Shapes) each go in as well. I'd ask the developer directly but due to the pack not being updated in over 7 years, I'm gonna guess he's not entirely interested in this any more.
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