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  1. LJH

    ShapeMaker Tutorials

    Thanks guys! While I'm disappointed that I can't achieve the goal I was after with this, I'm nonetheless grateful for finding your tool! It's the best plugin I've used in Paint.net. So thanks for the quick clarification and thanks for a marvelous tool!! (And Happy New Year to you and yours!)
  2. LJH

    ShapeMaker Tutorials

    Sorry if this is a noob kind of question (but I am a noob ;-) ). ShapeMaker is fantastic. The videos made it so simple to trace out an image and turn it into a shape. But I need one last step and really can't figure out how to. I want to save the image as an SVG. I need it in this format in order to send it to a laser cutter for vector cuts. I saw how to "Copy Path Stream" which works to get the text of the SVG, but what can I use to save it as an actual SVG? Ultimately I want to bring it in as an SVG into Visio. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!