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  1. Hi. Nice fixes but we want ask u about "input and text fields of light color".. When a dark theme then light elements distract from comfort job.. Original picture how it now Would be better.. Next.. Original picture how it now (HUE Plugin) Would be better.. Thanks for job.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  2. Hey! Look it, our someedit) If this helps you Issues - Original Some Edit.. for DarkTheme is better for the eyes...
  3. Hey! Nice, but you have a some problems with invert colors it's scrolling, input, select box.. Look.. our idea with invert your idea.. PS. We have a some nice ideas. Possibility to lock (Pin) the Inst (panel) to header (top). Some edit borders in header menu.. Scr 1 Scr 2 Scr 3 This two nice ideas make your software batter.. Thanks for good app. We think, Dark Themes, PinMode, up version software to 5.0. Have a nice day.