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  1. Thank you for your help. With a friend I was able to figure out that I wasn't supposed to run it from a CMD window, but from a Powershell window and type a completely different command: PS C:\Users\USERPROFILE\Desktop> .\ /createMsi did the trick. Installed 4.1.6 flawlessly with this. The problem seemed to lie in an x86 attempting to install on a x64 bit machine. This could be a useful way to debug this in the future should anyone have this issue. WINDOWS 10 exclusive bug probably, since Windows Powershell is not present on previous versions.
  2. Yeah, I did and that same message popped up. However, in regards to that forum post you linked, I believe I have the same issue as him. Paint.NET keeps trying to install as x86 but my operating system is x64. Disregard the above. Also try to remember that before attempting to update paint.NET, a version above 4.0.0 ran perfectly fine. I believe it was the one right before 4.1.6. Also, one thing I have noticed is that it does this fatal error after a decently longer bit of time has passed with the install attempt. If I try to re-reinstall it directly after the first fail, it does it instantly. Leads me to believe it might be something on my PC that is affecting it.
  3. I tried the /createmsi trick a few days ago, but it would always tell me this:
  4. Already have .NET v4.8. All of my Windows Updates are applied. And I have tried like ten times using that link. As of now, only paint.NET v3.5.11 works for me (and I'm using it currently for stuff). It really doesn't make sense to me though, this is such a strange bug.
  5. Windows 10. I was using paint.NET 4.0.5 (I believe, I don't remember exactly what version it was, but I know for a fact it was above 4.0.0) and it worked fine until the update. I believe that 3.5.11 is a windows 7 version, but it works with the psd plugin and the alpha mask plugin so it would be exactly the same as the 4.0.0 versions and above except it looks slightly different..
  6. Anyone? I see someone attempted to respond but I don't see the message now. Another side note. Paint.NET was working perfectly fine on my system until I (attempted) to install that update that ended up not only breaking my current version but made me unable to reinstall it. Would installing an older version work? Edit: Installing Paint.NET v3.5.9 worked flawlessly. Maybe this new version is incompatible with my PC somehow. No versions above 3.5.11 work for some reason.
  7. As stated in the title, I opened up paint.NET and it prompted me to update it so I did. It gave me this 1603 fatal error thing and now keeps doing it after attempts to install it again. 1. This did not work. (It did not find anything paint.NET related on my PC) 2. The sfc/ SCANNOW method did nothing either. 3. After the attempted install, it creates a folder with a "Staging" folder in it, with two files that when clicked just tell me to install it using an installer. As a side note, I have kept two plugins I had (psd and alphamask dll files) in a folder called placeholder. Doubt these are actually doing anything but I thought I'd mention it.
  8. > Line 1185: MSI (s) (E4:3C) [21:03:26:455]: Executing op: ComponentRegister(ComponentId={47EE30AF-4A7F-D715-D304-E2AAF2975F71},KeyPath=20:\.tga\Content Type,State=3,,Disk=1,SharedDllRefCount=0,BinaryType=1) > Line 1186: MSI (s) (E4:3C) [21:03:26:455]: Executing op: ComponentRegister(ComponentId={C15EA751-6964-6BD5-94A1-CE1EE5B8B13E},KeyPath=20:\.tga\PerceivedType,State=3,,Disk=1,SharedDllRefCount=0,BinaryType=1) > Line 1187: MSI (s) (E4:3C) [21:03:26:456]: Executing op: ComponentRegister(ComponentId={7F5E22C8-B0B5-21E4-E52D-412FB80F43AC},KeyPath=20:\.tga\,State=3,,Disk=1,SharedDllRefCount=0,BinaryType=1) > Line 1188: MSI (s) (E4:3C) [21:03:26:456]: Executing op: ComponentRegister(ComponentId={A0658B02-FEEA-7A1C-20BE-CC36D1B4AEB3},KeyPath=20:\\,State=3,,Disk=1,SharedDllRefCount=0,BinaryType=1) > Line 1189: MSI (s) (E4:3C) [21:03:26:456]: Executing op: ComponentRegister(ComponentId={5A78060E-BBFF-F1F9-9235-0160386A5570},KeyPath=20:\\CLSID\,State=3,,Disk=1,SharedDllRefCount=0,BinaryType=1) > Line 1190: MSI (s) (E4:3C) [21:03:26:456]: Executing op: ComponentRegister(ComponentId={039413BC-4FCA-AC29-C129-D2396FAF5A30},KeyPath=20:\\CLSID\,State=3,,Disk=1,SharedDllRefCount=0,BinaryType=1) > Line 1191: MSI (s) (E4:3C) [21:03:26:457]: Executing op: ComponentRegister(ComponentId={C4C97771-2FBA-C4BA-F29F-B1079508F5A0},KeyPath=22:\Software\\,State=3,,Disk=1,SharedDllRefCount=0,BinaryType=1) > Line 1192: MSI (s) (E4:3C) [21:03:26:457]: Executing op: ComponentRegister(ComponentId={65513189-3039-DD8A-A5B6-B82B2ADAF3C5},KeyPath=22:\Software\\CHECKFORBETAS,State=3,,Disk=1,SharedDllRefCount=0,BinaryType=1) > Line 1193: MSI (s) (E4:3C) [21:03:26:457]: Executing op: ComponentRegister(ComponentId={04A31B5A-BEB5-40F5-D2E4-693F0016DE8B},KeyPath=22:\Software\\CHECKFORUPDATES,State=3,,Disk=1,SharedDllRefCount=0,BinaryType=1) The weird thing to note here is that installation worked perfectly fine when I updated my windows OS, but I had to recover my previous version of windows due to the update breaking several other things that I need. Thanks for any help.