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  1. I know, to date you have not been willing to add Autosave and all discussions are closed. As a second best could you add "save now" popup prompt and allow the user to turn it on or off and set the timeframe for the prompt. I know it is my fault but I just lost 3 hours work when Paint.net decided it need ed to ~re-callibrate something, a regular Save prompt would have saved me! ColinK
  2. I mostly work with .jpg images so I have set Windows Explorer to open jpg images in Paint.net, however windows explorer now diaplays both jpg and pdn files as file type paint.net. I often have 2 versions of the same image - jpg and pdn Is there an easy way to cause Explorer to identify the different file types - mayby display an additional attribute? Currently the only way I can tell is if I have two files with same name - larger will be pdn. Sometimes I do not know until I open the file. If I cannot resolve this I will probably only make pdn files open with paint.net by default. Thanks ColinK
  3. I agree with above. Many times users only need to save an image once with no need to edit. As many users only want jpg files it would be good to be able to select a default file type to save. as dave.atwell said, I often have to go back and change from png to jpg, then if I forget to delete the png it causes future issues. Please consider adding this feature.
  4. I have searched for this and all messages suggest it is not possible. Scenario: I have an image with multiple layers. I increase the size of the canvas. I want to move all layers down (together) so I can draw above the original image. Can this be done? The only work around I have found is to move each layer one at a time and match the co-ordinates for each layer - at the bottom left of the screen ColinK
  5. I still find precise sizing of lines or shapes very frustrating. Ego's suggestion to grab corner and use arrows is sometimes useful, but actually lines and shapes change size in increments of up to 3px depending on zoom level. I really want precise sizes to 1px. The only way I can do this is to keep moving the mouse until it is correct. This frequently fails and I have to start again. Any improvements in precise sizing of lines and shapes would be welcome
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, that partially works. Grabbing corners changes height and width. Grabbing top and side markers is a bit fiddly to exactly grab, but I can adjust with arrows as you suggest, but the accuracy seems to be 2 pixels - so not perfect but an improvement. Thanks again ColinK
  7. I add rectangle shapes for nearly every drawing I create. After inserting and dragging the handles to approx size I want to be able to manually type the precise size - dragging handles is very hit and miss and can take many seconds to get precise PX sizes. Ideally I want to click on the sizes in the bottom left of paint.net and manually edit - see attachment These instructions give no instructions on how to precisely resize a shape. https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ShapeTools.html I have searched the forum, can find nothing other than - drag handles. I am not asking how to enter fixed sizes for the rectangle tool. Thanks ColinK
  8. I love Paint.net I have the GIF plugin. Is there any way to bulk create GIF's from multiple images stored on my computer - similar to this tutorial for Photoshop http://ipyxel.com/photoshop-batch-processing-create-3-in-1-animated-banners/ Or - can anyone suggest a stand alone windows application that will do this? Ideally I would like to create a CSV file or Excel file where each row (line) would list the files to include in the animated GIF (plus if necessary paramaters like speed and number of cycles) Thanks ColinK
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