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  1. I'm creating my own custom coin for fantasy currency and the circle text need two text boxes one for upper and the other one for lower the two small boxes need left and right reverse text, Yes it is messy when you see text on your coin not well neatly and perfectly centered.
  2. Are developers working on it? I would expect to see this option soon.
  3. Using the paint bucket filler tool the little box pops up and you have to keep pressing enter for it to go away it's time consuming.
  4. What bothers me is that I had to keep doing it. An option is suggested so I don't have to keep pressing the finish button. Enable Finish atomically makes the small box disappear while Disable Finish is for dragging the color box to fill.
  5. Disable antialiasing. Tiny box pops out should expect not appear.
  6. If there is no options to disable the paint bucket drag box a suggestion for an option to disable it would help.
  7. How do I set paint bucket settings to the Mspaint Version?
  8. When I use the paint bucket tool to fill a color it pops up a small square box in the middle how do you disable?