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  1. Thanks @Reptillian but it's not that I need.
  2. I'm developing for ZX Spectrum Next, and I need a 256 color palette to work. With Gimp I can use 256 color palette, but with Paint.net there only 96 colors in the palette. Questions: Can Paint.net work with 256 colors palette? Can any plugin convert image palette to the selected palette? I tested "Recolor using Palette", but only works with 96 colors, and "TR's ColorReducer" but don't work with my palette, it uses his own from the image. Can Paint reduce color to 8bit deep? Thanks for your time and help!
  3. Hello: I downloaded the "Paint.NET Icon & Cursor FileType Plugin" IcoCur.dll as always made with olther Paint.net versions. But with the Paint.net 4.0.19 the folder "C:\Program Files\Paint.net" has gone! How I can install file type plugins on 4.0.19 versions? Thanks for your time!
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