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  1. I figured out how to turn off webroot for just this product. It works fine now. Thanks for all the help. Admins--please delete my other thread that I started. I didn't know this one was related at the time. Thanks!
  2. I didn't see this when I posted: I'm having the same problem, and also have Webroot. How do you turn off the protection for just Paint.net? I'm not tech savvy, so any help you can give me is wonderful. Thanks!
  3. First, I have to say I LOVE Paint.net. I have Photoshop, and to be honest, I like Paint.net better. I just updated Windows (I have windows 10 and am running on a rather new Dell laptop, like a year old). I was running Paint.Net for years with no problem. Now, when I open it I get the following error messages (attached). paintnet1.png is first, then I click okay, and then get paintnet2.png. When I click okay, paint.net goes away completely. I tried to uninstall paint.net, but there are two files under the sessiondata that are locked. I have no permission to
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