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  1. Haha just the right thoughts. still think that the brush size should be linked to the mouse wheel. would be much faster if i didnt have to remove my hand from the mouse to do larger adjustments. aw well nothing is perfect.
  2. I was just about to look for that hot key list and saw your response. Thanks very much welshblue
  3. Ive been using this epic program for the last week to remove the backgrounds from pictures for a website. A couple things i think could be added and changed, all about the eraser. One, have different shapes for the eraser, trying to clean up a round edge with a round eraser is friggen time consuming. a moon shape, or square, or rectangle, or any number of shapes to choose from would be super super awesome. Come to think of it in real life ive never seen a good round eraser. Two, remove or move the eraser icon that's beside the circle. Many times when cleaning a edge thats above the erase area and a small space the little icon gets in the way of being able to see what im removing. Three, when the hardness is up too 100% it should not leave even a pixel of grey/discolored edge. it should just out right remove it. At 99% sure leave one pixel ring but 100% should just be 100% of whats clicked on, no fade. Hope this get to the right people and what ive said makes sense to you too. Thanks for the great program and offering it for free, ill for sure be putting in a donation when i get paid.
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