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  1. What? Excuse me, but this is my current slender project: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/179808020/ And what do you mean by "The Gym"? I know about the image, but, it uses installed plugins, and I would like this to be fresh paint.net.
  2. Well I'm saying I do need an image, but sound makes it even better.. and that's needed for my slender project.
  3. I have looked.. and looked.. and looked. To no success. -*ow something flew by in the sky.*- I know what frequency to use to reproduce the noise: 9.1 KHz But, I can't find anywhere I can put it in. How do I even a static sound in the first place?
  4. Darn. But... are there any ways using NO plugins? *P.S: what about a static noise generator that I can input hertz in for the frequency?*
  5. I need administrator permission to move stuff into the effects folder. -.- why... just.. why?
  6. Then again, are there any other ways of making static? I've used clouds, noise, crystallize, and motion blur, then embossed it at an angle of -90 degrees, and gotten this:
  7. Getting closer... but I don't know if I have OCD or something, but for some reason I still want it to be more accurate.. but it's okay. P.S: Do you know of a white noise generator online where I can input the frequency in hertz I want? I'm trying to make a slender man game on scratch.. *looping sounds of a clip of getting caught in slender sounds horrible*
  8. I know the white noise is great and all, but what about trying to make this kind of static: Yes, I know you can see Slenderman in it. I need to be able to make it in paint.net. I've tried other method's for static.. but haven't come to something like this. Also I don't want to use images online. -.- So how do I do that?
  9. LOL! I did my math wrong I did 16 * 3, not 6. Can I delete this topic? There is no point in this thread anymore.
  10. So, I was looking up the color menu on the website, when I came across the number of colors in the palette: 96. I went and checked, and counted.. And I only had half as many. 48 colors in the palette. Why am I missing 48 colors? I have the latest version! Someone explain to me... please..
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