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  1. *hold on, getting my old laptop; time to take a visit to the real game.* I
  2. Ok, so.. NO GETTING OFF TOPIC! Anyway, how would I make this kind of static: Bands and stuff. And no plugins. Also what about like discoloration with green and purple?
  3. Well, it doesn't break until he gets you. And it's digital as he causes static, distortions, discoloration in the recording.
  4. That's mainly what he affects. and what you bring in slender games.
  5. Um. Well... SLENDER IS A SUPERNATURAL CREATURE AND INTERFERES WITH ELECTRONICS SO.. also he breaks your camera if you have one and he gets you
  6. Sorry if I'm late, but can you make static and use these: Also make the tentacles move around a lot.
  7. Back on topic now, how can I make static without any plugins?
  8. lol this is my school computer.. I just have paint.net on here cause, it makes things easier. Easier then stupid MS Paint.
  9. Wait how do I uninstall it? And it took administrator permission to install it the first time, will it do it again?
  10. Oh. Will I lose all the stuff I made in Paint.net though?
  11. It won't let me without administrator password. ._.
  12. The latter one is more accurate, as you can see by looking at the beginning portion of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vznmp2qnqc0 But, I would use another layer, because I can see you did a blur, and it blurs Him too.
  13. Oh. Well I don't know about resolution. But... 96+ should do.
  14. bloody potato is not a bad word. I say bloody potato a lot. Like when I'm playing a game like.. idk.. slender the arrival The Eight Pages chapter: 6/8 pages* Me: oh god.. Where are the last pages at? I've been EVERYWHERE! bloody potato.. bloody potato. *DUUUN* OH MY GOD NO NO NO NO bloody potato bloody potato CRAPITTY bloody potato CRAPITTY bloody potato bloody potato bloody potato bloody potato *runs looking down while the static grows thicker and the sound gets louder* I'M RUNNING I'M RUNNING bloody potato NO NO SLENDY NO NOOOOOO-- *loses* Yeah.
  15. Oh and @MadJik The main frequency's are between 1-3 KHz.
  16. @welshblue That's good enough for me! Also did you misspell "carp"? And no, I don't have a radio. @toe_head2001 Wrong type. I'm talking this slender: The one that stalk's the woods, with his pages on trees and buildings and stuff, that has tentacles and is 9 feet tall. Oh and he messes up electronic devices.
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