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  1. My next one is something I am obsessed with. and no it's not the slender man.
  2. Since there is only one thread per person, I'll also include some of the other things I make. Therefore I am changing the title.
  3. I mean a rocky planet, that's how massive it would have to be to fuse heavier elements like silicon and oxygen. But anyway, let's get back on topic.
  4. I know. I think I might do a black hole next.
  5. Well I do know that a rocky planet can fuse elements if it's 8 to 11 times the mass of the sun. xD
  6. I wonder if he gives nice hugs. He has long arms.
  7. Ok, I'm just curious. Also, that looks like a star that is made of Lava. xD Wait. Hold on.. I wonder if a star can be made out of lava.
  8. My art of space and other things will go here as I make it. First up, The moon!
  9. Ok. But I can't have a glare on this sphere. Because why would their be a glare? And besides. It's not like it will be noticed... I mean, the *sphere* is making light.
  10. It's okay. Red is still close. You just add blue and it makes purple. And I have to do it around the edges, cause having played Slender: The Arrival myself. Anyway, now I know. This thread can be locked.
  11. I have no idea why I created this thread. But let's post stuff about slenderman here! I'll start. Slenderman breaks your camera when he gets you.
  12. Would work, except there are no shadows. Because the sphere I'm trying to make its fusing elements together and is glowing.
  13. Title says it all. The only plugins and plugin packs I have installed are Red Ochres plugin pack, and one other plugin I can't remember. >.< I'm trying to make a star. As it is; a ball of plasma.
  14. Hmm, okay. Though can you tell me what effect or adjustment to use to make green and purple discoloration?
  15. Ok, okay. I'll stop. But I do wonder how I am supposed to make the distortions you see in slender the arrival.. they just confuse my eyes and mind.
  16. well i'm done with static from the eight pages. BECAUSE. https://tbh-1138.deviantart.com/art/TV-Static-214352630 Go to the comments. PARSEC PRODUCTIONS USED IT IN THE EIGHT PAGES.
  17. I just don't. <snip> it's turning into bloody potato. IT'S NOT A BAD WORD!!! I'M ALLOWED TO SAY IT
  18. But are there other plugins that will help making static? My dad said he will enter the password for me for the administrator permission when he gets home.
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