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  1. If you look closely you can see cracks in the handle and the back and front of the head.
  2. It was very simple really. The only reason it took so long was my mood swings lately. I've been going under terrible anxiety and stress. Plus Depression. The static was simple. XD I used Multi-spline and Scribble to do it. I'll have one coming up soon. I'm working on something to do with a tool.
  3. Sorry for lack of activity for a week. It's just that I had lots of school things to fix, and most of all just been extremely depressed lately. Not to mention I nearly broke out crying in the bathroom. ;-;
  4. By the word "Slender" you might already know what's in the works.
  5. I know. XD I didn't notice until a minute later. XD I had rotated my line without smoothing.
  6. I love this pack! I have it installed and it's so nice and useful! One of the reasons I originally installed it was to help with making static for a slender project... until I found out that the static placeholder I had at the time, was the static that was used in the original game... But still, I love the pack!
  7. I've been on here since November started. And thanks!
  8. So I have an enclosed area and selected inside it with the magic wand. It's selection went through the lines and selected every white pixel in the image. *My line tool did not make a solid line*
  9. Oh. Well, I don't know how to get around that? I'm new to this concept.
  10. Also, why is it that my max file size for posting images on this thread is going down? It used to be around 5 megabytes, now it's 1.84.
  11. I'm making a work of art that has something to do with Dino Run. I used to play it a lot. Not going into details about it, cause that would go in the off topic forum.
  12. I used the Bevel effect from Red Ocrhes plugin pack, so it would make it look 3d. Also the black hole one was a bit easy with bending the light. Anyway, here is my Titanic Sinking.
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