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  1. You can't get a picture in 3D in Paint.net, but you can make the illusion of 3D! As for the metallic colors, I'll find one.
  2. So, when I go to move points in a line while holding the points and pressing the arrow keys, SOMETIMES it works how I want it to, but sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, the whole line moves when I use the arrow keys while holding the point! Can someone tell me why this happens, and how to fix it?
  3. This kinda looks like a black hole made a mess. You know, with all the spaghettification and stuff!
  4. I like making art! ^.^

  5. Color's aren't really right. I have a palette of more accurate colors. White Star Buff, which is the pinkish - sort of orange colored one, is still one I'm working on. The color in the palette is still something I am working on. No formula survives to this day, and only one color photo of one of the White Star Ships has been captured back in those days - A rare color photo of the Mauritania from Cunard Line in a floating dry dock. The Titanic's sister ship, the Olympic is in the background. All that is visible is the funnels. Anyway, back on topic. The Palette is my source.
  6. LOL Thanks. I'll try and make the pre-version of him after my next target for art.
  7. O.O my god That is astounding! A few touches and I bet I can get it looking more like the Real Titanic. Thanks Welsh!
  8. Yeah. It's what happened when the earth was young. Also I got shape3d when I made it, so I used it for the bodies. Oh, and one more art! Stone Axe
  9. MY EYES!!!!! MY EYYYYYEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I know turning black and white photos to color has been mentioned before, but they are for photos that are rather recent. I need to color a photo that is older; in this case, 1909 - 1912 If you know what happened in that time span, good job, but if you don't, here is one of the pictures I need to color. Titanic. I'd like to try and get a color Image of the Titanic.
  11. Let's see... Oh! Of course, Slender: The Arrival, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Universe Sandbox 2, Fall of the Titanic, Portal, Goat Simulator, Minecraft, Terraria, and... that's all.
  12. I want to see a Titanic Optical Illusion for some reason. >.>
  13. On here for about 1 and a half months...

    20 reputation. :D

  14. It's not the Slendyman. Fine, I'll tell who it is. Ink Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine.
  15. By the way, the planet smashing is what happened that created the moon. A VIOLENT COLLISION WITH EARTH! Also a new art.. Do you know what it is?
  16. I just like making everything pixels, cause it is a pain to select the blurred lines. *why are we even talking about this?*
  17. Ehh, I like it. I don't work with smooth edges. It's a pain to clean up everything, because some stuff is transparent.
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