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  1. Ehh, I can remake them. I'll back up my palettes next time
  2. I have remade my Titanic palette, cause I know what colors were in it
  3. The language was on English before Also, when I checked the palette folder, IT WAS EMPTY.
  4. No. It's from Hello Neighbor. I'm making the basement door
  5. I did click on the arrow The window was still up, but all my palettes had vanished.
  6. Help! I switched my theme to dark, and then all my color palettes disappeared! They aren't in the trash bin either. THEY ARE GONE!
  7. Also it's not my fault I'm a "Forum Troll"... It's just that I have Asperger's... I don't understand social cues, and my brain works differently.
  8. Meanwhile I will stick to the version I am on
  9. ATTENTION: I know there is a new update, but I can't install it right now until my parents give me permission to
  10. For really big stuff I'll use that, but for the smaller stuff, I like it more crisp.
  11. I downloaded the plugin pack... and all the other plugins are there.
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