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  1. I have to find a good way to cut the image out of the background so I can past to a new layer then copy shrink twist and paste ...
  2. That not bad so me being very new to using plugins how dod you do this did you have to duplicate the layer umpteen times then zoom and rotate each layer but but don;t they step (overwrite) each other ????
  3. I did use the magic wand on every single layer. This is where I noticed that I need to do cleanup work and reorder as you suggested. still when I view it in firefox it shows as but if I click the image after i post it to this forum the white background is gone
  4. I have not seen it but I guess I'll have to watch it. Transparent so I put this icon on a web page with a black background. It shows up with a white box around it. I want the white to be transparent. The Midora plugin gets me close but here's where I noticed that it needs to be cleaned up. too much white around the gears and chain. I could just change the web page's background to white and its all good
  5. I will try that but honestly I think it will be easier & look cleaner to just change the background color of each layer to be the same as my web page background. It will seem as if it were transparent I wonder why it worked for the other plugin ??? Thanks for your reply
  6. Hmmm When I click on the second file (from Midora) it shows a transparent background - Needs to be cleaned up but when I drag the file to my browser it's background is not transparent
  7. I have a cheesy GIF that I wanted to make the background transparent. I used an old plugin (AnimatedGifLibrary.dll) to create the GIF Its OK but background is not transparent I tried many plugins but I can't get it to go. I misspoke about Midora (tried so many I lost track) but it does not make the background transparent & it doesn't work like the one above Here's the actual file renamed it .dll cuz .png not allowed My_Cloud_Base_logo - Copy.pdn.dll
  8. I tried and tried to get a transparent background but its a no go - there's always a white block around my gif. I tried the Midora plugin and it kind of screws up my gif. I used PDN to edit another animated GIF and I removed some of the image. Midora's plugin brings the image back and adds flashing colors - IDK Let me re-read this tread and maybe something will make sense